Anish Kapoor at the Lisson Gallery and Cerith Wyn Evans at Tate Britain

Lisson Gallery 

Anish Kapoor 31st March – 6th May 2017

  • The show demonstrated different effects behind the use of paint and how it could be presented.
  • Kapoor’s work shows evidence of overlapping dimensions within sculpture and painting, as well as a representation and connection between image and object, looking at elements of substance, skin, surface and depth.

-The sculptural forms exhibited are objects which hold this combined relation between painting and sculpture. The paint used is mixed with silicone which gives this intense expression, making you think of a layering of skin, which enables the form to come to life.

-The mirrors documents a shift between the 2 and 3 dimensional, engaging different types of reflectivity. It almost gives you as the viewer this euphoria, which makes you feel quite unsettled, taking you into a unknown world which you are experiencing for the first time.

-Kapoors paintings show his intense use of colour, illustrating imagery of a darkening unearthly world. Themes of the uncanny, horror and detached isolation is what sparked thoughts into my own head when viewing the work.

  • The show most certainly takes you on an adventure, which makes you come out feeling amazed but uncomfortable at the same time. I would very much recommend the show to everyone.


Tate Britain

Cerith Wyn Evans

Forms in Space… Light (in Time)

28th March – 20th August 2017

  •  To me Cerith Wyn Evan’s work reflects what the world could be, and how it may show interrogation to us as individuals.
  • The work demonstrates an evolving language, which shows moments of rupture within space, bringing forth sculptures which can communicate visually to the viewer.

-Ideas around the fold, and the use of energy and live movement  could be extracted from the work.

-When I was looking at the work I could not help but think of this luminous drawing, which is performing an event within its given space. Evans for me was suggesting how the work could act as a fluid form, scoring and mapping directions, allowing the viewer to read new instructions and understand new diagrams.



Week 27 on MFA

Mon 3rd April – Fri 7th April

  • I am going to change the layout and approach to my blog. I am going to do this by  focusing on key aspects, which have become apparent to my work within the week, instead of writing up everything which has been discussed.


Site Specific Art work

  • Very excited and looking forward to an opportunity to operate with materials and the natural environment. I was wondering whether my work would become different, due to the setting of where it was to be positioned.

*Materials I selected to work with   – Painted canvas (essences of previous works)

– Air dry clay

– Water

– Scissors

– String

  • The action to planning an idea around the production of the work, was to be non existent, this was because the destination for the site was not to be revealed, until the morning of the activity.  – An element of not knowing was already featuring in my work.

-At an early stage of the making, I felt that I was contributing more to the process, than my previous works, when materializing with surface and wax. I felt that I would have to act as a combiner, engaging materials together on a physical path, activated by the actions of myself.

  • The initial process I had in mind was to be, not to dissimilar to the process which underscores my current works.
  • The clay mixed with water will become liquidized, meaning the clay can sculpt itself into the surface. (Similar to the consistency of the wax I have used during process).
  • String will act as a tool to draw together the work produced, the environment it finds itself in, and the space which makes up the distance between the work and the environment.


  • Will play a massive role in the development of the work.
  • Will the work last?
  • Will the materials and nature work together?
  • Would the weather determine an outcome for the work?
  • What is the possibility of the work becoming something else during the course of the day?


3 artworks created during the day

Clay Bagged, 2017, Bin Liner, Air dry clay


Clay Bagged pic 4Clay Bagged pic 7.JPG

-Surface objective material (Bin Liner) was found on site where I was making the work. (Fantastic to have a material which has had this history, been seen to be used to its potential, objective is to make it become something, art which can be viewed and appreciated.)

-Process very coherent with how I work with wax. Liquidized clay down with water accessed from a pond on site. I used a tub as a palette for this method of mixing. When I was happy with the consistency I submerged the Bin liner, into the tub and let the two materials engage and start this act of transformation. ( A tree was used as a frame, enabling the work to be suspended in the air.)

-Resemblances of how the work was viewed -A natural artifact

– Fossil like features

– Facial / Body like features

Drowning Canvas, 2017, Canvas, Oil pastels, Acrylic paint, Rubber, Air dry clay

-The work has the same process application, to that of Clay Bagged. The layered canvas was added to the liquidized clay in order, to shape and reconfigure its previous stance.

-Composing the work with water (The pond on site). 1 question I asked myself was – Will the work float and last for the duration? or will it drown and become nothing more?

-The work is a performance of both painting and sculpture actioned by nature. I  was interested in letting nature determine the course of the work. Removing myself from the this event allowed me to become a witness rather than a creator. I was able to capture the unfolding event of the canvas drowning in the water. The last photos show this cloud of misted clay, blurring itself inside the water. To me the work as a solid element was no more, and instead suggests the ashes of the work. Could the work live on as a spirit in the water?

Dead Canvas, 2017, Canvas, Oil paint, Natural clay, Air dry clay


-Natural clay was sourced close to the site where I was working. This gave an interesting effect when mixing both the natural, and Air drying clay. It gave this juxtaposition between the natural organic working alongside the industrial man made.

-This piece for me demonstrates a violent action to the canvas. Creating an arena for this work to perform in, or be viewed in. It could even illustrate this beating up of surface (the canvas), where it has now surrendered and succumbed to the life it once had.

-I am still wondering whether the canvas does suggest this violent act to death, or the birth / creation of something forming within the confines of the environment. It becomes something natural, organic, living (like a creature).