‘Cemented At Last’

Tuesday 12th September, 2017

Cemented At Last

‘Cemented At Last’, 2017, Plastic, Dirt, Microcrystalline wax, Varnish, Gloss, Acrylic

This work focuses on the structural property of the product

Originally this surface was first constructed in a 2 Dimensional format in the confinements of a warehouse – It then turns into a 3 Dimensional objects as it is filled with its contents – After it has been exerted from its goodness it adjusts back to a 2 Dimensional surface, during this time it could be seen as used, finished and under valued – With the combination of a collaborated process of material elements and the obsessive nature of the artist, it starts to take shape and inherit new avenues, reforming new suggestions of appreciation and value in the context of art.

I have chosen to incorporate components of chance in the notion of data being recorded.


  •   Black acrylic is used to start recording the new projected shifts made within the surface after process.
  • When I stop whether for a break / Lunch – Dinner / or for the toilet the black acrylic ends it’s turn – white acrylic is introduced.
  • Or if the black acrylic runs out during its turn white acrylic steps in and takes over.

The reason for integrating chance in an arrangement like this is because it fulfills me with this unknown property. I can never think ahead, the work determines not just the constructive qualities of the work, but also the ability to how I investigate, document and record.

‘Cemented At last’ (Close up – photos)  


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