It’s Liquid – Anima Mundi Art Festival – Venice, Italy

Tuesday 26th September, 2017

It’s Liquid – Anima Mundi Art Festival – Venice, Italy, 2017 – Opening shot of the festival

Incredible opportunity to have my work featured in an international art event. This for me was a chance to have my work showcased in a whole new environment, with a view to new possibilities which had not been engaged thus far.

 So how did this happen? My work was seen via a previous show I had exhibited in. I was contacted and told that my art was exciting, and held a relation to the particular art festival which was to be organised. Not only does this fill you with rich euphoria, it makes you think that what you are producing is repelling the same emotion onto an audience. This inflames a drive and determination to keep learning and producing heightening within a process.

Actions which were admitted through the participation

  • Networking – Talking and getting to know the Director of the show – Curator of the show – Project Coordinators – Collaborators – Graphic Designers. – This was a brilliant chance to talk about the opening of the show – The arrangement of my work, in terms of exact positioning and lighting – and future aspirations with them. I can genuinely say that the set up – promoting – organisation (contacting and liaising) was at a very high standard. Was a pleasure to meet the whole team – and excited for eventual opportunities.


  • Networking – Talking, getting to know and exchanging ideas and contacts with all the other representing artists. A chance for potential shows – collaborations – events. A major informative experience.


Promoting your art through a website or social media becomes a crucial tool.

Of course there are other ways to advertise yourself and your work, but a means of working with social media only intensifies recognition and a true acceptance in what you believe in.

There will be many thoughts and feelings hovering through this form of networking. Some might be nice and delightful, others might be challenging, but as an artist all you want is honest feedback!





Images of the event,  My work – The Trio – Towel Trace, Plastered Trace, Liner Trace, The meeting of other artists and the It’s Liquid Team


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