London Galleries – Artist Research

Saturday 21st October, 2017

What I wanted to get out of this trip to London was to build a relation to the artists work I visited. I wanted to be able to connect certain connotations, and read themes and theories into my own practice. 

White Cube Gallery


Artist – Ann Veronica Janssens

White Cube Gallery Oct 2017, pic 1

Untitled, 2016 (White glitter) & Reggae Colour, 2004 – 2017 (Watt halogen lamp and dichroic filter)

  • What struck me straight away when I entered the North Gallery was the variety and uses of materials on show. Recognizable shapes and common materials transformed through the artists own impression, and this consideration of the work fitting in with scale, colour and placement in space.
  • I really like how she explores and experiences the theme of materiality. My work is notably different, but there are certain similarities in particular this idea of value and appreciation of material and object.
  • What also interested me was this notion of constant experimentation and a view to new possibilities. As the viewer your attention was grasped right away and your awareness drawn to this exposed use of colour and surface.
  • For me personally the curating and positioning of the works were executed brilliantly. I felt like I was floating around the space, magnetized from work to work, like a constant travelling adventure.


Artist – Damian Ortega

Cosmogony, 2017 (Concrete, Polystyrene and plaster) & Coliseum, 2017 (Pigmented concrete)

  • A thought that came to mind when I viewed these two works were a suggestion of minimal art given a sense of worth. The materials used have a playful edge to them which incorporates a new identity and characteristic.
  • It opened my eyes up to how I view and read certain objects. For example polystyrene converted into a concrete cast, you know the foundation and original textural quality of the polystyrene is not physically there anymore, but the  appearance still makes you think of the previous, whether its the simple indented mould look. Your mind is definitely played with the familiar and the unfamiliar.
  • This room in the gallery also plays with scale and positioning. It also holds this presence of material having an endless possibility. Another theme which entered my thoughts was his use of chance in his formations. I am sure Ortega had no real knowledge of what the outcome would be, I am guessing it was more about the possibility of what would come out the other side, a constant and consistent questioning.
  • The room also made me think of this cross between art and science. The art is presented through this act of playing and animating original contexts of material. And the aspects of science could be witnessed through the forming of elements, almost how you would think of  a science lab, where experiments and testing goes on.

Tate Modern 


Artist Group – Superflex

Tate Modern Oct 2017 pic 1

One, Two, Three  Swing, 2017

  • A mechanical landscape of swings and darting bodies moving around space.
  • I thought it was brilliant how a major recognizable space like the Turbine hall could be transformed into an activity zone, I guess traditionally the gallery setting is normally  respected under a confide amount of presence. Little noise can be heard and sometimes you often feel a little intimidated by your surroundings. What the art group Superflex did here was change all of this, making the viewer feel at ease and introducing the viewer as a dominant component of the work.
  • It was also really nice to see many people getting together. All people from different cultures, backgrounds, ages and understanding of art, it was very refreshing to be apart of this activity.

Alison Jacques Gallery

Berners Street

Artist – Sheila Hicks

Alison Jacques Gallery Oct 2017 pic 1

  • Hicks’ encounter and experience with material in particular linen and thread is very impressive. An inquiry which could be noted is the understanding of colour, texture and form. A real cross over between a labour intensive action and a playful less rigorous activity.
  • The woven forms are naturally filled with intense beauty, and have this very playful and approachable character.
  • The space is filled with intimate objects and weavings which inherit a link to cultural identities and backgrounds from Hicks’ own experiences.

Alison Jacques Gallery Oct 2017 pic 2


Main Theme which I got out from my visit to London was ‘Play’ and ‘Ambition’ with materials, surfaces and objects



Open Art Exhibition – The Allen Gallery, Alton, Hampshire

Saturday 07th October, 2017

Allen Gallery opening, Oct, 2017 pic 3

‘Cemented at Last’, Ungreened Paulin and Untrialed Paulin (Top, Left, Right)

I was relishing this opportunity to show for the first time in my home town, not just because there was a sentimental feel, but because I was excited to see how my work was to be received to a new local audience.  

  • My previous experience in exhibiting my work has mainly involved galleries and venues in London and built up areas outside of Alton, so to have my work selected for this show enabled me to travel down a different direction of showcasing my work.


  • I first came across an advertisement for the show in the local paper. It was willing for all artists to get involved, allowing you as the creator to see and read your work in a different light. All works would go through a  selection process which was decided upon the gallery manager and the curatorial team. Luckily for myself all works I entered were accepted. I was really happy about this as I wanted to see how all three would compose together in a triptych format, instead of  each work being read individually.


  •      The space given for displaying the work was excellent and the lighting really gave a different dimension to the work, especially highlighting and drawing out the different elements which went into the construction of my works.


  • This particular exhibition was designed to purposely bring together all media, techniques and styles. As a viewer it allowed you to explore into other artists practice and how they deliver their own distinct skill to the surface by capturing an imagination or thought. The gallery space has a real sincere and neutral approach and with the contrasting factor of  the raised light,  You found yourself in admiration, moving around the space in a real delight


  • I very much hope to exhibit and show here again in the future. A real treasure which I found right on my doorstep!


 ‘Cemented At Last’, Ungreened Paulin and Untrialed Paulin

Photos from the show