Art Time, Life Time: Tehching Hsieh – Talk at Tate Modern

Saturday 02nd December, 2017

A fantastic opportunity to witness in his own words the work and practice of Legendary performance artist Tehching Hsieh.


Two works from the project titled – Doing Time: One Year Performance 1980 – 1981

This post will outline upon key facts which were spoken about during the talk. I will focus on themes and ideas which brought a connection to my own thought process, and how it might build a link with my own working process.

  • The talk was chaired by Lois Keidan – co founder and the director of the live art development agency.
  • Critic and Curator Amelia Groom – Editor of the collection time in the documents of contemporary art – Also contributed to the discussion.

Themes and Aspects forming the discussion

  • How art – Time and Labour all play a crucial role in the formulation of creative ideas.
  • Discipline and Routine is most key! Without this chaos can start to erupt, this can distract any purpose of what was once there.
  • The duration of time – How can this be spent? Surely one needs a certain amount of routine, and a professional attitude in order to separate time in to important factors.

Is Life really just a Life Sentence? 

  • Every day which goes by is another day gone from our own existence. Every second, Every minute, Every day, Every Month, Every year which goes by is worked time – submerged into wasted time. Time should never be wasted! There is never enough time to take for Granted! So Time should be spent well!

Time Well Spent

How should time be spent? – I believe that everybody should make a conscious effort to use time well. I don’t think there is enough time, which makes me grades the theme of time as High Importance! We are all only here for a quick look around which makes every decision that more crucial. Time should never be  a waste, because it is time which enables pro actions – leading to positive thoughts!

Is Time productive or unproductive? Surely time should always be classified as a productive source! It activates tasks and methods, thoughts and ideas. Without time none of this could materialize as we would not have time to process!

Time well spent shows a record of how well we have invested in time.   

Things to consider when evoking the notion of time

  • How do you spend your time?
  • Is it productive or unproductive?
  • Do you find time a valuable source?
  • What do you think the world would be like without the element of time?

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