Stashed – Part 1

Sunday 17th December, 2017

Between the idea and the product comes the statement of the unpredictable.

The unknown aspect formulates and materializes in order to become something true and factual. 

This work evolved from a process which was solely determined by the flip of a coin! It was this exercise which influenced my next move.

A process which expanded over a time duration of 7 weeks!

  • Stashed – Part 1 was composed through many elements which were mixed in order to find out new possibilities, leading to new pathways and avenues.
  • Due to the expansion in scale, the work evolved through a gestural per formative action. – I found myself walking around and clambering over the surface. I almost found myself wrestling with the surface in the most affectionate ways.
  • The floor of the studio became an important tool, as I needed this space to carry out this action. Without this I would of found it difficult to operate, and probably would of had to put the process in a disabled motion.

Photos – Documenting the process (Stages 1 – 5)

Advanced operations of Chance

  • Systematic directions – New rules of engagement
  • A different range and colours of acrylics
  • The probability of a coin being chosen at random – and landing on Heads (H) Completes a positive move. This is where I capture and record that specific area of the reformed surface – The amount is dependant on the value of currency. – Or landing on a Tails (T) creates a negative move. This then means that the particular area of where I currently am stays blank and is seen as negative space. I navigate around the whole surface area by walking around the whole edge of the frame, until I am back at the beginning, the spot from where I started the process.

Dicing with the unpredictable! Even through to the application of colour!

Will it work?

Will it be seen?

A new way of recording data through a committed use of chance


  • More colours of acrylic used to record the mapping out of the reformed surface. – I was hoping that this would illustrate an act of randomness, and the possibility of the unknown.
  • I wanted to implement a new rule into this work.
  • Stashed – Part 1 introduces bursts of intense recording methods. I found myself in a constant mode of contemplation. Living on the edge is what excites me! When you just don’t know what your next move is going to be!

 Photos – Documenting the week by week development of Stashed – Part 1

(Weeks 1 – 7)

A physical action which requires a certain amount of movement from the author

It is a method which grows from a combination of Hand, Head and Tool

  • My hands form an impulse which is transferred through the application of media
  • My head starts to create and build an understanding of what is seen in front
  • The tools used illustrate an activity of mapping – recording, and capturing data, from a process materializing from a transition of change.

There is no plan!

Only designed set rules – which install ingredients of chance 

I just go with what is given to me!

Stashed – Part 1 (Lying)

Stashed – Part 1 (Slouching)

Stashed – Part 1 (Suspending)


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