‘Aggregated Through Time’

Friday 22nd December, 2017

'Aggregated Through Time'

‘Aggregated Through Time’, 2017, Plastic, Sand, Dirt, Paraffin wax, Varnish, Gloss, Acrylic

How can this task become more exhausting than past exercises? How about inserting more endurance on the eye, by challenging my original techniques and methods. I am not trying to purposely cause any disruption, only ingraining more demand.

This is a game which some people would find very off putting. However I find the pressures stimulating, making the overall outcome very rewarding and fulfilling! 

  • This work shows a discovery to a new working surface. It fashions a transparent edge, which instantly changed the recording and capturing methods I had previously used. I had to train my vision further, as the composition of wax, gloss and the see through nature of the surface created  lots of false readings. The whole reformed surface had to be thoroughly examined in order to trace out the actual transformations.
  • One question I asked myself was, how can I influence more of an association to chance? The first idea which came to mind was to work with the negative / reversed side of the surface. This way I would be in a constant debate with myself. – Have I captured the right marks? Is the recorded data fact or fiction? I want to always challenge myself. I never want to become to familiar with what I am doing. Keeping myself off balance and in a state of unpredictability is refreshing!


To capture the data for this work not only required the most powerful use of vision, but also a trained approach to touch. Due to the glossy transparent surface. I found myself having to use my hands and fingers to navigate my way around the reformed surface.

Although my eyes were working on full emission, there were times where I found myself blind and in a world of darkness. – To re focus I had to draw myself away from the process. I took a breather, gave my eyes a rest and got my head back together. – This break was only for a limited time! – As Time is key and most important, and should always be consumed in the correct way. For me this is when I am making!

‘Aggregated Through Time’ (Close up – photos)


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