Monday 22nd January, 2018

Artrooms - 18 - pic 22

Installation Photo of my artwork at Artrooms 18

Thurs 18th Jan, 2018

Installation – Set up Process

  • I included 12 works in the fair which brought scope to my practice, as I showcased sculptural forms which demonstrated a collaborative process between myself, surface and materials working together and a subconscious active method.

Works Included

  • Microcrystalline Trace, 2011
  • Canvas Trace, 2016
  • Oil Trace, 2016
  • Liner Trace, 2016
  • Towel Trace, 2016
  • Plastered Trace, 2017
  • Woodworm Trace, 2017
  • Ungreened Paulin, 2017
  •  Untrialed Paulin, 2017
  • Undirtied Paulin, 2017
  • Unslicked Paulin, 2017
  • ‘Cemented At Last’, 2017

I wanted to curate and inform a sense of randomness within the space I was given. – I did this by creating a shift between  forms which were sculptural, based on methods of the unpredictable, coming up against structures which were uniformed and exact.

My mindset would start in a familiar mode (Understanding the artworks – Why they are here) – To then Playing with aspects of the unfamiliar (Curating my art in the confinements of a hotel room) – With a direction of converting back to a sense of familiarity  (The presentation of the room) – I wanted the audience to understand this spontaneous suggestion of presenting. – But conscious that I still wanted to implement a welcoming appearance to the room, where the viewer would be keen to engage and start a relationship with each work.

The Installing of the work was complete over 4 hours.

The room was transformed as I took away existing mirrors and picture frames, Bed sheets and cushions, bedside telephones and hotel documents, and a re-positioning of furniture.

This was a challenge as I had to take away and then start from scratch. I had to imagine and use what I had around me. How something like a chest of draws could be manipulated into a working plinth. – I used bed sheets and white towels as surface protectors, and to act as neutral backdrops, almost like a stage where each form would perform and position itself to the audience.

      Fri 19th Jan, 2018

Private View – 5 – 9pm

This was a private event which was invite only. – Included guests were:

  • Artists
  • Artroom Organizers
  • Art Representatives
  • Gallery Representatives / Owners
  • Art Buyers
  • Art Collectors

This was a fantastic evening as I got to meet all involved. I was able to talk in depth about my art practice and knowledge I take from what I do. It was brilliant to be able to strike a conversation and a connection straight away, as this enhanced a connection between myself and the individual, bringing strength to a potential development after the show.

Over the course of the 4 hours many people were interested in my art work. This delivered much excitement, as to have someone so engrossed in my work made me think  I must be doing something right.

Sat 20th Jan, 2018   

Art Fair, Day 1 – Open to the Public

  • Another busy day meeting and talking to artists, gallery representatives, collectors and members of the public.

After yesterday I found myself growing in much confidence.  As I was constantly promoting my art and myself as an artist. Frequent explanations I gave which corresponded to my practice were:

  • Where the foundation surfaces originated from.
  • The process of wax. – Why I engage so much with the property of wax. – Because It is so tactile – tangible – unpredictable – It allows momentum, as the surface becomes situated in a constant flux.
  • How does the wax come about? – What waxes I work with – How do I work with wax in an active process? – (Dunking action) – (Pouring action).
  • The inclusion of paint. – It Is used to document – record – amplify – To construct an understanding from a previous event.

 Untrialed Paulin, Ungreened Paulin, Unslicked Paulin & Indirtied Paulin, getting familiar with their new surroundings.

Sun 21st Jan, 2018

Art Fair, Day 2 – Open to the Public

  • Another fantastic day meeting and introducing myself to other artists, gallery owners / representatives, dealer, collectors and art lovers.

The most frequent questions which were asked regarding my art practice were:

  • What are the forms made from?
  • What are you / they trying to say?
  • Is it a practice explaining both modes of sculpture and painting?
  • Do the works last forever?

The highlight of Sunday was an interview and Q&A in room 149.  – The interview was filmed for the Artrooms website as well as being a feature on You tube.

“In bed with the Artists” – Interview Michael Barnett – Interviewees – Chris Horner & & Beth Horner

It was an interview which was relaxed and quite informal. This was nice as it distinguished any nerves and apprehensions. – For starters the interview took place on a bed. Myself on the left, Michael in the middle and Beth on the right.

The interview took 30 minutes.

Topics which were spoken about included:

  • What is our practice? – What does it mean? – Why is it unique? What is the process / how is the work made?
  • What was our back history into becoming an artist?
  • Had we ever experienced any humorous events in the world of art?
  • What inspires us to create? Artists – Artwork – Any relations outside of art?

Mon 22nd Jan, 2018 

Art Fair, Day 3 – Open to the Public (Last Day)

  • During the morning I was welcomed nicely with the news that my artwork had been approached by an art gallery in Chelsea, and they were keen to start a conversation with me with the possibility of my art being exhibited.

I communicated a lot during the day mainly with the other artists involved in the fair. It  was a great opportunity for us all to see what everybody else was doing creatively.

Themes which were discussed when talking about my practice were:

  • The fact that I am onto something
  • I am creating an interesting concept of restoring & giving a new purpose to a certain surface or object, which may not of normally of been noticed in its previous life.
  • A real time consuming process which activates notions of being precious.
  • The work takes on a physical and structural body. – Something which we could connect with as the work takes on a bodily feature.
  • An endless possibility of working processes and methods.

The whole experience was amazing as it got me thinking much about my practice and future developments. How I might work with given space in the future – And what materials and surfaces I could experiment with next in this on going adventure!

 Undirtied Paulin, 2017 & ‘Cemented At Last’, 2017



GRANULAR – Lewisham Arthouse – 10/01/2018 – 13/01/2018

Saturday 13th January, 2018


PV Lewisahm Arthouse granular pic 3.JPG

GRANULAR – Lewisham Art House ( Installation Pic of myself and my artwork)

Incredible opportunity to have my work featured in an exhibition which was curated by myself and 4 other artists. This for me was a chance to have my work showcased through a new procedure. This included a new approach to installing my work, as well as designing promotional aspects which surrounded the show.

The fact that this show was constructed from a personal point of view, meant a lot to myself as well as the other artists involved.
So how did this happen? This show came about from the current unit I am studying on my MFA, Professional Practice and Negotiated Study. The idea was to install confidence and an ability to progress further with communicating and meeting people in the art sector.

Lewisham Arthouse was the perfect setting! 

Not only were the organizers friendly and very helpful with the support of setting up this show. The space itself was fantastic as it carried much room and natural lighting. For myself and the 4 artists it enabled us all to be ambitious and play with negative space, making it become positive and full of character.

Actions which were admitted through the participation

Networking – Talking and getting to know the organizers who worked at the Arthouse – Becoming a curator – A Project Coordinator – Collaboration between myself and the 4 other artists – Formulating ideas to produce marketing and promotions for the show.

This was a brilliant chance to talk about the opening of the show – The arrangement of my work, in terms of exact positioning and lighting – and future aspirations with them. I can genuinely say that the set up – promoting – organisation (contacting and liaising) was at a very high standard. It Was a pleasure to experience this activity, I feel I have gained more courage when it comes to organizing and assembling a show.


I am determined to progress further with curatorial aspirations!

Photos from the Private View – GRANULAR – Lewisham Arthouse 12/01/2018  6-9pm

‘Challenged At The End Of The Day’

Sunday 07th January, 2018

'Challenged at the end of the day' - profile 1

‘Challenged At The End Of The Day’, 2018, Plastic, Sand, Dirt, Paraffin wax, Microcrystalline wax, Oil pastels, Varnish, Gloss, Acrylic

How might our eye read something different to something which is actual and factual? Purely because our brain tells us something which is believed to be apparent, could actually be converted to something we have seen before and believe to be true. Our vision can also lead to new ways of making, thinking and understanding. How can one interact with a process which is constructed through systems of chance? 

The flip of a coin takes away any known control. It can lead into the notion of the unpredictable, where you can never be quite sure what the next move is. 

I sacrifice my regular routines in order for this work to happen. This constitutes too many changes, a reduced amount of socializing and having free time – Time also has to be adapted in order to carry out this exercise. (Time needs to be used well – as there is a lack of time to perform.)

 ‘Challenged At The End Of The Day’ went through the same unknown process set up as ‘Aggregated Through Time’. However I did apply a couple of changes, this included:

  • Microcrystalline wax – A more dense consistency of wax. – With a more flexible condition. – In the hope that this would impact more transformation to the surface.
  • Oil Pastels – An addition of extra colour. – A grey soft pastel was added to the mix. – I was looking for an added adjustment to the tone and contrast qualities.
  • A different use of varnish – Trying to work with elements in their rawest of forms. Something I try to achieve through in all my works is showcasing each materials natural ability as well as its new artificial guise.

A feeling of being in control is joined by the feeling of not being control. This is what sparks the essence of the unpredictable!


 ‘Challenged At The End Of The Day’ (Close up – photos)