Time Series Operation – 10 Years of work recorded over 70 Hours and 30 Minutes

Saturday 14th April, 2018

A devised operative system integrating aspects of time

One notion I wanted to implicate in this work was: 

The Experience of Time

  • A particular instance of encountering  a subject.
  • The process of personally observing or undergoing an event or activity.
  • This method of observing, encountering and undergoing something occuring through the duration of time.
  • How knowledge is gained from what was once observed. – This time of investigating allows one to construct some understanding.


10 Years of work recorded over 70 Hours and 30 Minutes


Cotton cloth, Cement, Bees wax, Varnish, Gloss, Emulsion paint, Acrylic


This work was once titled Work 1 but has now been re-titled 10 Years of work recorded over 70 Hours and 30 Minutes.

10 Years of work symbolizes how long the original surface foundation acted as a building surface. How long it functioned as a protective sheet, for when I am acting as a (Supporting builder) – When painting window sills or mixing up materials to build with. This status resembles its previous life / operating as a building supply.

70 Hours and 30 Minutes is the time I spent processing, investigating and recording my new findings. This was achieved once I had completed this devised operative system. – A Working Time duration of 4 weeks. 

 Photos – Documenting the Time Operation (Week 1 to Week 4) – The investigation, Capturing and Recording process stages (Displaying actions of applying and removing) 

The Time Cycle

  • From Thursday 01st March to Thursday 29th March 2018 – This time period is connected to the mixing process, the drying stage, the investigation phase and the capturing and recording performance.
  • The Working exercise I was committed to – ( Investigating, Capturing and Recording the reformed surface was to start at 9:00am  and finish at 17:00pm – Monday to Friday, for each working week


Extract from Time Record Sheet

Time Operation – Time record sheet

Thursday 01st March – Thursday 29th March 2018

  • Thursday 01st March – 9:00am – 9:30 am – (Mixing process – Dunking technique)
  • Friday 02nd March – From 9:30am Thurs 01st March to 12:00pm Fri 02nd March           (Drying Stage)
  • Saturday 03rd March – From 1:00am Sat 03rd March to 9:00am Sun 4th March (Drying Stage)
  • Sunday 04th March – 9:00am – 9:15am (Photo Documentation phase)
  • Monday 05th March – Start of exercise 9:00am – 1 Hour break 13:00pm – 14:00pm – End of exercise 17:00pm (Projected shifts found on reformed surface)
  • Tuesday 06th March – (No work achieved) – Visit to Wysing Arts Centre and Kettles Yard Gallery with MA group at UCA
  • Wednesday 07th March – Start of exercise 9:00am – 1 Hour break 13:00pm – 14:00pm – End of exercise 17:00pm (Concave shifts found on reformed surface)
  • Thursday 08th March – Start of exercise 9:00am – 1 Hour break 13:00pm – 14:00pm – End of exercise 17:00pm (Projected shifts found on reformed surface)

This extract shows my commitment to time and how I utilize this in my art practice especially in this devised Time Operation

Mixing Process

  • This was carried out at the end of each working week, on the Saturday of each week.

     Drying Process

  • This was delivered once I had completed the mixing process on Saturday, through all of Sunday, until the exercise was activated again on the Monday of the following week.

Investigation, Documentation and Capturing System

  • Application stage – From Monday to Friday 9:00am – 17:00pm each day (Unless stated otherwise – This stage also referred to any potential interruption I may of encountered. For example when I am working as a supporting builder instead of working in the studio –  Or if I had an engagement I could not avoid.)
  • The objective I set myself was to try and amplify every projected and concave shift made to the reformed surface. This was done within the set time frame I  set for each working day. This was delivered and completed on alternate days – For example, Monday projected shifts, Tuesday Concave shifts and so on. If there was a day I had to surrender for this operation the next available day would be issued to either the projected shifts or the concave shifts.
  • I allowed myself an hour’s break in each working day. This was when I would take lunch, linking this to my life as a supporting builder I  set the same time within the same time frame. 13:00pm – 14:00pm.

Application Process

 The Media I used for amplifying the projected shifts – Acrylic Marker pens 2mm brush head

  • Fluorescent Yellow
  • Fluorescent Green
  • Carbon Black
  • Fluorescent Red
  • Brilliant Blue


The Media I used for amplifying the concave shifts – Acrylic tube paint applied with a size 3 brush and a size 30 brush

  • Titanium White
  • Ivory Black


Photos which display an installation format for:

10 Years of work recorded over 70 Hours and 30 Minutes

All 3 stages of a developed process secured within one installation. I wanted to get across this journey which I undertook, which gives detail to structured rules and guidelines. However these rules and guidelines are put through a chaotic cycle, which put the process out of synch, making the operation become slightly unknown until all 3 phases collaborate in one space. This is when an understanding could be maintained, where all 3 states of time (The Past), (The Present), (The Future) could be recognized.











GASWORKS – Exhibition Osias Yanov: Orphan Dance

Friday 13th April, 2018

Gasworks - pic 8

Entrance to Gasworks – 155 Vauxhall Street, London, SE11 5RH


Osias Yanov – Orphan Dance 

12 April – 10 June, 2018

Gasworks presents Orphan Dance, a first solo show by artist Osias Yanov

On first entrance into the exhibition space I was greeted by bright neon lights,  electronic robots gliding across the floor and a beating musical sound coming out from the structured walls. It almost felt that I had traveled time, where I had landed in a  futuristic world. 

  •  The gallery had changed from a neutral space to a virtual space.
  •  As the viewer I was automatically required to participate with the technical devices.
  • A new source of re-contextualizing materials allowed for exploration into the function of the objects.
  • Familiar devices could be found – objects from the home, office, gym and nightclubs, however Yanov purposely ignites  unfamiliar aspects to these devices, as it enables for a new experience and an opportunity to enact differently.
  • The deep colored tones re configured the structured entrance way, making this experience of stepping into a surreal world all the more apparent.

Gasworks - pic 6

  • The floor and ceiling had this metallic textured character, forming a suggestive link to machine and technology.
  • At first these gym mats looked like landing points for something to do with space aircraft, but in fact they were positioned in this format in order to break and divide up space, it gave the objects the right to hold a feeling of territory.

Gasworks - pic 1

  • Robot like vacuum cleaners could be seen cruising around the space, coming at you before darting away ready to inspect the next viewer in line.
  • An automated sensor seemed connected to the robots, especially notified with this contentious rheumatic cycle.
  • A joined performative interaction of infused movement between audience, object, sound, space and time could also be identified.

A real interesting and fascinating experience which took me into an otherworldly adventure.