Time Series Operation – 7 Years of work noted over 29 Hours and 34 Minutes

Thursday 03rd May, 2018

An operation designed to capture an event through the motion of time

One idea I wanted to suggest was:

The Moment of Time

  • An indefinitely short period of time.
  • The present time or any other particular time.
  • A definite period or stage, as in a course of events.
  • A particular time or period of success or excellence.
  • The mean or expected value of the product formed by multiplying together a set of one or more variables each specifying their own unique power.


7 Years of work noted over 29 Hours and 34 Minutes


Cotton Polyester, Linseed oil, Bitumen emulsion, Rubber latex, Paraffin wax, Microcrystalline wax Varnish, Gloss, Emulsion paint, Acrylic

What was once titled Work 2 has now been re-titled 7 Years of work noted over 29 Hours and 34 Minutes. Worked within the same framework, each part of the title presents the surfaces active period over the course of its time. The technical process used for this operation was a pouring method. Firstly all materials and elements had to participate in an intense activity of collaboration. This is where their dissimilar characteristics would become uniformed making the working mixture complete and ready for use.   

What was interesting was this idea of the materials undermining one another. Would one come out stronger than the other, or would they utilize a friendship making the new textural quality compelling and visually appealing.

   Photos – Documenting the Time Operation (Week 1 and 2) – The investigation, Capturing and Recording process stages (Displaying actions of applying and removing)

The Time Cycle

  • From Saturday 14th April to Saturday 28th April 2018 – This time period accounts for the mixing process and pouring technique, the drying stage, the investigation phase and the capturing and recording performance. – Working exercise (Investigating, Capturing and Recording the reformed surface – Time cycle 9:00am – 17:00pm – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. With a 1 Hour break at 13:00pm (However a break would not be included if an interruption occurs during the working exercise). This will be achieved in my garden, which would be acting as my studio for the 2 weeks.

Extract from Time Record Sheet

Time Operation – Time record sheet

Saturday 14th April – Saturday 28th April 2018

  • Saturday 14th April – 9:00am – 9:37 am – (Mixing process – Pouring technique)
  • Saturday 14th April – From 9:37am Sat 14th April to 12:00pm Sat 14th April (Drying Stage)
  • Sunday 15th April – From 01:00am Sun 15th April to 9:00am Sun 15th April  (Drying Stage)
  • Sunday 15th April – 9:00am – 9:09am (Photo Documentation phase)
  • Monday 16th April – Start of exercise 9:00am – No Hour break (Because of a Doctor’s appointment at Alton Health Centre) – Exercise finishes at 14:00pm.
  • Exercise resumes at 15:13pm – End of exercise at 17:00pm (Concave shifts found on reformed surface)
  • Tuesday 17th April – (No work achieved) – At UCA attending a workshop and an artist’s talk by Benedict Drew.
  • Wednesday 18th April – 9:00am – 9:14am- (Mixing and Pouring technique – Pour 2)
  • Wednesday 18th April – 13:00pm – 13:08pm (Photo Documentation phase)
  • Thursday 19th April – Start of exercise 9:00am – 1 Hour break 13:00pm – 14:00pm – End of exercise 17:00pm (Projected shifts found on reformed surface)
  • Friday 20th April – (No work achieved) – Attended 3 London Art shows (Viewpoints, at Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green) – (InterRelation, at 5th Base Gallery, Brick Lane) – (Echo Control, at Division of Labour, Bethnal Green)
  • Saturday 21st April – 9:00am – 9:16am- (Mixing and Pouring technique – Pour 3)

This extract shows my commitment to time and how I utilize this in my art practice especially in this devised Time Operation

Mixing Process

• To be carried out during the half way point of each week (On the Wednesday) and at the end of each working week (On the Saturday).

Drying Process

  • At the end of the mixing process on the Wednesday the surface would be left drying for the remainder of the day. After the mixing process on the Saturday the surface again would be left drying for the remainder of Saturday, all the way through Sunday until the exercise is activated again on the Monday of the following week.

Investigation, Documentation and Capturing System

  • Application stage – From Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00am – 17:00pm each day (Unless stated otherwise – This refers to any potential interruption, for example when I am on the building site instead of working in the studio or if I have an engagement I cannot avoid.) – Wednesday only accounts for a mixing and documentation day. This will be achieved at 13:00pm (Unless Stated Otherwise). Wednesday marks the half way point in the application operation, and the time 13:00pm represents the half way point in my 8 hour working day, as 13:00pm marks 4 hours. – Again a half way point during process.
  • My objective I have set myself is to try and amplify every projected and concave shift made to the reformed surface. This will be done within the set time frame I have set for each working day. This will be completed on alternate days – For example, Monday Concave shifts Tuesday Projected shifts and so on. If there is a day I have to surrender for this operation the next available day will be issued to either the projected shifts or the concave shifts.
  • I allow myself an hour’s break in each working day. This would be when I would take lunch, linking this to my life as a supporting builder I have set this within the same time frame. 13:00pm – 14:00pm. This does not include Wednesday because once the mixing, pouring and documentation has been completed (During the morning as I start this at or as close to 9am), I take the whole day off whilst the surface is in its drying stage.

Application Process

Media used for amplifying projected shifts – Acrylic tube paint applied with a size 1 brush and a size 3 brush

  • Titanium White
  • Ivory Black

Media used for amplifying concave shifts – Emulsion pot paint applied with a size 30 brush and a size 3 brush

  • Purple Passion
  • Hot Lava


Photos which display an installation format for:

10 Years of work recorded over 70 Hours and 30 Minutes

All 3 phases of an advanced process captured within one installation. I wanted to get across this adventure I had been on, giving detail to exact rules and guidelines. However these rules and guidelines were put through a turbulent cycle, which put the process out of synch, making the operation become slightly foreign, until all 3 phases were participating in one space. This is when an understanding could be maintained, where all 3 states of time (The Past), (The Present), (The Future) could be recognized.