Solo Show titled Sculptural Painting Configurations at The Royal Marsden Hospital

Saturday 16th June, 2018


Sculptural Painting Configurations – June 2018

This was an opportunity which had been in the making, since May of this year to be precise when much liaising and discussions were materialising.

The event was stimulated by Daniella Rossi who is the Director at Rossi Asiaghi, an arts organization which I am involved in. Daniella’s objective is to promote all emerging artists who are connected with the programme. To be involved in such a fantastic scheme is amazing, as Daniella is brilliant at connecting and trying to source available opportunities for artworks to be seen and profiled.

I received an e mail from Daniella back in early May of this year saying that a possible event had come up and if I was interested in taking it. My one rule is to always take what is given to you, as chances are often few and far between especially for an artist. So to receive this email filled me with much excitement and I immediately said yes.

The event / occasion in question was to have some of my works featured in a small solo show at The Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton, Surrey. To find out that my work would be featured as a solo display was fantastic news, as I had only ever once showcased my works in this format, and this was in connection with my MA Fine Art degree so to have an external solo show was amazing.

Ben Hartley who works at The Royal Marsden Hospital as a project manager was keen to have my work on show, as he liked the abstract input each work has installed within the surface. Originally he only wanted 3 works displayed but as it turned out I was able to include 2 more pieces during the installation. I was happy about this as not only do all the works have a connected history together they were all produced from the same series which is titled the Chance Series.

The installation process took a considerable amount of time, as this was due to the many unforeseen circumstances which conjured up. Normally this is something which I relish as working with chance and unexpected happenings within the materialisation of the works, is also something I don’t mind formulating within the setup of the works during a display for a show. However this time was different as I wanted my works to look right and to be held in position which I knew would be secure.

After 3 hours of much debating and trialling different connectors, the work was set and installed in position. I wanted to create as a composition which gave a uniformed configuration, but with an added inclusion of uncanny elements relating to the scale, positioning and colour patterns.

Daniella and Ben were brilliant during this period as it can often become a tense time for all involved, but what was great was we all came together as a team, and exchanged thoughts and ideas which could provide the best outcome for a finished layout.

Overall I am very happy with the overall result and am very excited to find out how my work will be received. One important factor for me is that I hope they bring some kind of joy to the patients and families who may come in contact with them.

The show will be on all through the summer of 2018, where I also hope to deliver an artist talk at the hospital about my art practice and the processes which have gone into the making of these works.


Artist statement provided by Rossi Asiaghi and featured images of Untrialed Paulin, Ungreened Paulin, ‘Cemented At Last’, ‘Aggregated Through time and ‘Challenged At The End Of The Day’ 


Supported Artist Jonathan Parsons with the installing of his work ‘Fossil Ocean Floor’

Saturday 09th June, 2018

‘Fossil Ocean Floor’ – First Installation from Jonathan Parsons project titled – ‘Horizons’

A brief summary on the project ‘Horizons’ taken from the website


By Jonathan Parsons

Horizons is a series of site-specific interventions in the chalk landscape of the northern Surrey Hills. The works use the colour white, which is inspired by ancient chalk hill figures and is visible from a far distance. Installations, text pieces and projections will align in the landscape, with letters composed of a matrix of bright discs and scribble forms displayed on a monumental scale.

The project takes its name from the distinct soil layers of the earth, known as horizons. The chalk of the Surrey Hills – the ‘R’ bedrock horizon – was laid down on a tropical seabed roughly 90 million years ago. It is composed of the disc-shaped skeletal remains of phytoplankton called coccoliths. They fell as microscopic snow to the ocean floor over millions of years forming layers of silt kilometers thick. This gradually compressed into pure white calcite limestone: the chalk we see today.

Horizons will reflect structures and uses of the chalk at different scales through poetic associations. The discs making up the text pieces represent the microscopic coccoliths. Scribble forms evoke a substance that can be manipulated at the human scale. Alignments of works in the landscape embody the shapes and location of the chalk hill escarpments. Horizons will also engage with ideas of landscape as an artistic genre and the landscape as something that can be viewed as an image.

  • On Tuesday 15th May, 2018 I had the pleasure of having a tutorial with Jonathan Parsons. I had not seen Jonathan for over 4 years, the last time was when I was studying Fine Art on the BA programme at the University Creative Arts, Farnham.


  • Although the time I had with Jonathan was very short, what came out of the tutorial was amazing. Firstly a great discussion on my current works filled me with new ideas, and secondly I was given new artists to research on, in order to gain more influence in the area of where my practice is moving. The highlight came at the end and this was when I asked him what he was currently working on. He told me that he was working on a project titled ‘Horizons ‘which was in connection with Surrey Unearthed.


  • He then invited me to his studio in Deptford, and asked if I would be interested in supporting him on the installing of his work ‘Fossil Ocean Floor ‘which was to be the first installation in the project. I did not have to think twice about this opportunity, it was an immediate yes please.


  • So on Thursday 7th June, 2018 I made my way up to Deptford where I met Jonathan at his studio. It was really great to see how the space was used, however during this time the studio was full of components which made up this monumental installation which was ready to be installed. My first job was to support Jonathan with carrying each and every part of the installation in to the van, which was hired out for this event. When all parts of the work were packed and secured correctly, we made our way down to Dorking, Surrey where the work was to be installed at Milton Court Farm.


  • On the way travelling down to Dorking Jonathan picked up Mario who is a very educated technician who was a great addition with the constructing of the work. We started installing the work between 12:30pm and 13:00pm and finished at 20:30pm. So it was a very time consuming and patient approach to drilling, levelling, fixing and carrying when installing. For me though it was an absolute fantastic experience, and one where I learnt so much. It was also brilliant to build more of a connection with Jonathan and also connecting with a new artist in Mario. Hopefully more opportunities with Jonathan could materialize in the future.


Images of ‘Fossil Ocean Floor’ at Milton Court Farm, Dorking Surrey

Installed on Thursday 7th June 2018