MA Degree Show – 2018

Sunday 02nd September, 2018

Saturday 01st September, 2018 marked the end of what has been a most enjoyable and fantastic 2 years!


                      Photos which show the Private View evening at Farnham UCA                      (Thursday 30th August, 2018)


An interesting aspect I connected to this event, was the composed configuration between the formal architectural structures (The building / space / area), colliding with the anti – formal (The 3 works on show), propelling against active participation (The audience).

It was this suggestion of viewer participation which intrigued me most. I was interested to find out what role the viewer had when it came to engaging with my works.

  • The most important themes I try to ingrain into the curating of my works are Experience, Meaning, Origin and Ephemeral nature. If the viewer goes away from my works and can still remember a key component the following day, week, month or year, than I can feel happy and positive that all has been achieved and complemented one another.


  • During the Degree show I kept on thinking how much the viewer became an integral part of the work. From the moment of experiencing the work for the first time, too informing an understanding of how best to navigate around space.


  • I definitely felt that the viewer became an active part of the art. By creating an environment which carried installation qualities, it allowed and invited the audience into the work where they could then start to process then own energy. This was achieved deliberately where movement had to materialize, but also this hidden energy where a very personal moment is calculated between viewer and work – ( Where a theoretical understanding starts to evolve).