Contained Information #1

Friday 5th October, 2018

Contained Information #1 - pic 2

Contained Information #1, 2018, Glass, Natural pine constructed frame, Canvas, Oil paint, Cement, PVA admix adhesive, Matt paint, Enamel paint

This work is the first from a series which highlights upon the themes of collaborating, processing and value.  

What does collaborate actually mean? Work with another on a project or to cooperate with an enemy invader.  – Podbielski, John. (2000). Features of the dictionary, P106. Collins Pocket English Dictionary. Publishers: HarperCollins. Printed in Great Britain 

What does collaborate mean in terms of art?  Collaboration is another word for teamwork. It is an art of merging two or more creative minds together. Collaboration is more than getting together to fuse your creative energy into a large piece of work, it is more about getting it right, whether this is the scale, colour or active description of the work. –

So how does collaborating or collaboration feature in this body of work?

  • First and full most all of my artworks are primary, they have solely been made by me and just me. This is very important because I want to be able to say ‘I made that, all me, without any help.’ All energies consumed within the surface are pure as they come from just one source, where no other connective interaction is made, where no possible disputes are made from other sectors.

So if I don’t team up with other artists during the creations of my work, how is collaboration infused? 

  •  Teamwork in this project is made up of the surface, materials, supplies and elements interacting together. It is this which formulates the idea of collaboration, informing the idea of collaboration through a new guise. For me this example of collaborating is spontaneous, where instructions are loose and ideas constantly shift and evolve through different avenues.


  • I am aiming to construct a whole new meaning to the word collaborate, or another way of displaying collaboration through a visual interpretation.


  • Art supplies and Building materials are purposely put together. Constantly setting up my own collaborative experiment, where nothing is concrete until the process has been followed through to its logical conclusion. It is not until then when I know if the two have built a relationship of harmony or a relationship of disgust. Either way I store it, frame it and then contain it.


  • Normally I see collaboration as a means of connecting and gaining some kind of support, in order to get the job done. However in my work I am imposing the opposite, where I only give myself the right to perform and where a connection of all involved could become a temporary approach to collaborating . I see it as a game of intriguing value, firstly for me as the artist and then the audience.


Is it right for me to put art supplies and building materials together? 


It is this question which keeps me inspired to produce and create.

It is this question which ignites passion and installs in me a means to carry on and find out.



Contained Information #1  (Close up – photos)