Contained Information #3

Friday 07th December, 2018

Contained Information #3

Contained Information #3, 2018, Glass, Natural pine constructed frame, Plastic, Canvas, Paulin, Nylon string, Oil pastels, Charcoal, Tanking slurry, Cement, Plaster, PVA admix adhesive, Matt paint, Enamel paint

An occurring thought which kept coming up during the making of these contained works was, when can or does something become valued, and appreciated . 

Value can also mean – (Importance and Usefulness), (Worth and Satisfaction). – Podbielski, John. (2000). Features of the dictionary, P602 – 603. Collins Pocket English Dictionary. Publishers: HarperCollins. Printed in Great Britain

 Appreciation can also mean – (Valued Highly), (Regarded as high notice). – Podbielski, John. (2000). Features of the dictionary, P24 – 25. Collins Pocket English Dictionary. Publishers: HarperCollins. Printed in Great Britain 

Why have I chosen to attach these words with this series of works?

  1. In my works I work with both building materials and art supplies which carry their own importance. For example:
  •  When working with building materials like cement and plaster in the building trade they are regarded as high important quality materials. Without the appliance of these materials jobs would not be fulfilled. Building a wall, patio or house would not be possible, they act as the foundation the support. Maybe without consciously thinking, we are constantly engrossed by these amazing materials. I believe that they deserve to be recognized and given a platform where they can be celebrated and appreciated.


  • I feel that if I was to contain just the cement or plaster in its rawest form it still would not get appreciated. So this is when art supplies become important in my work, I introduce materials like Canvas, Charcoal, Oil pastels, Acrylic and Enamel gloss paint in order to help raise the profile of the building materials. From first hand evidence the audience would firstly recognize the bright impact from the paint, but then on close inspection Cement, Plaster, Building sand then becomes visually engaging and intriguing.

A journey which presents materials of a robust and masculine nature, conversing with materials which inherit fragile and beautiful features. 


  • I deliberately chose to encase these works within glass frames because I wanted to showcase and enhance this idea of worth. The minute I started to contain these works in the glass frames they immediately took on value, and were noticed straight away. What made me laugh was thinking of the building materials in their past life (on the building site), where they are treated with no care, just used in order to get the job done. In my work I caress both the building materials and art supplies together, I take time to observe the beauty.

I enjoy making the familiar become the unfamiliar


Contained Information #3 (Close up – photos)