Contained Information #4

Friday 08th March, 2019

Contained Information #4

Contained Information #4, 2019, Glass, Natural pine constructed frame, Canvas, Acrylic, Dirt, Cement, Plaster, Cuprinol, Varnish, Gloss, Matt paint, Enamel paint

In my practice I like to challenge myself when making my works, whether this is collaborating with dissimilar materials or provoking an impact between space and colour. One area I had not explored was a drastic change in scale.  

Scale can also mean – (A reference in making measurements), (Ratio of size between a thing and a representation of it). – Podbielski, John. (2000). Features of the dictionary, P491. Collins Pocket English Dictionary. Publishers: HarperCollins. Printed in Great Britain

Contained Information #4 is the first Contained piece which represents the smallest sized work within this series. I wanted to reduce the scale because I was interested in testing my working methods, techniques and processes.

  •  Questions I asked myself which I wanted to explore were: –

Do objects which are smaller in size warrant more protection and care?

Do smaller scaled objects gain more appreciation? 

Would the audience, viewer, buyer, owner, prefer the craftsmanship in a work which has been constructed on a smaller scale, opposed to a work which is larger in scale? 



Contained Information #4 (Close up – photos)





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